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The Odessa Numismatics Museum is the first specialized numismatic museum in Ukraine and was opened for the people of Odessa as a present on the 205-th anniversary of the foundation of the city and started to work from the first of January in 1999.

The Museum has two branches located in the central part of city :
Grecheskaya Str, 33 - Exposition of Antique and Medieval coins and ceramics, fine art plastics of the Kievan Rus;
Catherine’s Sq., 5 - the Gallery "Monetary Yard" - Exposition of modern Ukrainian coins and banknotes, old and modern coins all over the World.

All the periods in the history of the origin of civilization and State systems on the Ukrainian land are shown in its funds. And also the history of monetary business and money circulation of Ukraine from the antique times to the period of the independent development of the State is presented there.

The coins minted by different city-states, by the Bosporos and Scythian Kingdoms form the core of the museum funds. These states were founded in the period from VII to IV centuries BC on the Northern Black Sea Coast and existed for almost one thousand years.

Together with the expositional activity the Odessa Numismatics Museum also conducts a considerable scientific-research work, publishing the types of coins, which were unknown earlier and thus putting them into a scientific turnover and enriching the Frame of the antique coins of the Northern Black Sea Coast.

The museum publishes its own scientific and practical collection of articles - " The Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum". Except for it museum issues publicistic bulletin "The Almanac".

The museum also communicates with different cultural and historical institutions and organizations of the collectors from 150 countries of the world.

The founder of the Odessa Museum of Numismatics is a known numismatist and explorer, a deputy of the Odessa City Council - Peter G. Loboda.








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