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Religious articles | Pendants and amulets |

Except for numismatics in Museum's collection there are submitted various cult, jeweller and religious pectoral articles of periods Chernyahov Culture (II-IV centuries) and Kievan Rus (X - XIII centuries): pagan Lunnitsas (Crescent-Shaped Pendants), Christian Crosses, Encolpyons, Icons etc.

1. Lunnitsa

2. Lunnitsa

3. Lunnitsa

4. Lunnitsa

5. Icon of Holy Virgin "Oranta"

6. Icon of Saint George

7. Icon of Saint Peter

8. Icon of Holy Virgin "Znameniye"

9. Encolpyon Cross

10. Encolpyon Cross

11. Encolpyon Cross

12. Cross

13. Cross

14. Cross

15. Cross

16. Cross

17. Cross

18. Cross

19. Cross

20. Cross

21. Cross

22. Cross

23. Cross

24. Cross

25. Cross

26. Cross

27. Cross

28. Cross

29. Cross

30. Cross

31. Cross

32. Cross

33. Cross

34. Cross

35. Cross

36. Cross

37. Cross

38. Cross

39. Cross

40. Cross

41. Cross

42. Cross

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