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   Commemorative medals and jetons
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Commemorative medals and jetons usually were issued in honour of any events or dates. In most cases they were minted but sometimes were cast. As a rule such medals and jetons were made in the limited quantity. For example, coronation medals and jetons made of precious metals were quite rare as they were handed over only to the persons invited to celebration.

1. Medal "Succeeding".
Gold. XIX century

2. Medal "Succeeding".
Silver. XIX century

3. Medal "For good conduct and successes in sciences".
Silver. XIX century

4. Medal "Succeeding".
Commemorative. Silver. 1912

5. Medal "Worthy".
Copper. XVIII century

6. Medal in honour of opening of monument
to M.I.Glinka. Copper. 1885

7. Medal "Coronation of Alexander III
and Maria Fedorovna". Copper. 1883

8. Jeton of I.E.Hakalovskiy.
Odessa. Copper. XIX century

9. Jeton "Peace with Sweden".
Silver. 1790

10. Jeton "Peace with Turkey".
Silver. 1791

11. Jeton "Coronation of Elizabeth Petrovna".
Silver. 1742

12. Jeton "Coronation of Paul I".
Silver. 1797

13. Jeton "Coronation of Alexander I".
Silver. 1801

14. Jeton "Coronation of Nicholas I".
Silver. 1826

15. Jeton "Coronation of Alexander II".
Silver. 1856

16. Jeton "Coronation of Alexander III".
Silver. 1883

17. Jeton "Coronation of Nicholas II".
Silver. 1896

18. Medal in honour of 10th anniversary of
The Odessa Numismatics Museum.
Томbac, enamel. 2009

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