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   Coins of Golden Horde and Crimean Khanat
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Under hits of regiment of khan Batu in the middle XIII c. neighboring Kievan Rus was crashed. Monetary circulation in territory of the Kievan Rus - Ukraine was died. Mongol silver dirhams and copper coins were in circulation in the southern lands of the Ukraine which were included into staff of Golden Horde. They were acted from areas of Volga or were minted on mints of Crimea. Crimean Khanat arises in the ruins of Golden Horde in the south of the Ukraine which started its own coinage on behalf of dynasty of khans Gireys. Autonomous Genoese-Tatar town Kaffa (now is Feodosiya) was formed in the Crimea in the middle of the XV c. This town also issued its own silver and copper coins.

1. Golden Horde. Mongolian khans. Anonym.
Silver. XIII century.

2. Golden Horde. qta khan.
Silver. 1290-1313.

3. Golden Horde. Ozbek khan.
Silver. 1313-1339.

4. Golden Horde. Jani Beg khan.
Silver. 1341-1357.

5. Golden Horde. Berdi Beg khan.
Silver. 1357-1360.

6. Golden Horde. Khizr khan.
Silver. 1359-1361.

7. Golden Horde. yurid khan.
Silver. 1361-1363.

8. Golden Horde. Abdallah khan.
Silver. 1362-1363.

9. Golden Horde. Bulyak khan.
Silver. 1368-1380.

10. Golden Horde. Jani Beg khan.
Silver. 1341-1357.

11. Golden Horde. Shadi Beg khan.
Silver. 1401-1407.

12. Golden Horde. Pulad khan.
Silver. 1407-1410.

13. Golden Horde. Sayyd Ahmad I khan.
Silver. 1433-1435.

14. Golden Horde. Crimean pul.
Copper. XIV century.

15. Crimean Khanat. Xagi Giray I. Silver. 1420-1466.

16. Crimean Khanat. Nur-Devlet. Silver. 1466-1468.

17. Crimean Khanat. engli I. Silver. 1466-1474.

18. Crimean Khanat. Saadet I. Silver. 1523-1531.

19. Crimean Khanat. Saxib I. Silver. 1532-1550.

20. Crimean Khanat. Devlet I. Silver. 1550-1577.

21. Crimean Khanat. Muhammed II.
Silver. 1577-1584.

22. Crimean Khanat. Muhammed IV.
Silver. 1654-1666.

23. Crimean Khanat. urad. Silver. 1678-1683.

24. Crimean Khanat. Selim I. Silver. 1684-1691.

25. Crimean Khanat. Devlet II. Silver. 1699-1713.

26. Crimean Khanat. Gazi III. Silver. 1704-1707.

27. Crimean Khanat. Qaplan I. Silver. 1707-1736.

28. Crimean Khanat. Saadet III. Silver. 1717-1724.

29. Crimean Khanat. ngli II. Silver. 1724-1730.

30. Crimean Khanat. Selyamet II. Silver. 1740-1743.

31. Crimean Khanat. Selim II. Silver. 1743-1748.

32. Crimean Khanat. Arslan II. Silver. 1748-1756.

33. Crimean Khanat. Chalim. Silver. 1756-1758.

34. Crimean Khanat. Qirim Giray. Silver. 1758-1764.

35. Crimean Khanat. Selim III. Silver. 1764-1768.

36. Crimean Khanat. xsud. Silver. 1767-1768.

37. Crimean Khanat. Shagin Giray.
Copper. 1777-1787 ..

38. Caffa. sper.
Silver. XV century.

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