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   Unusual World Coins
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Large collection of  foreign coins which is exhibited at the Museum’s branch Gallery "Monetary Yard" has a separate exposition so-called "Unusual coins".  Among them are coins-souvenirs which have been mint on behalf of the self-proclaimed and not recognised states and also coins of unofficial ussues which never participated in monetary circulation.

1. Amsterdam & St Paul Islands

2. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

3. Balleny Island

4. Bouvet Island

5. British Antarctic Territory

6. British Indian Ocean Territory

7. Cabinda

8. Cabo Dakhla

9. Clipperton

10. Cocos (Keeling) Islands

11. Crozet

12. Darfur

13. Easter Island

14. Faroe

15. Galapagos

16. Gough Island

17. Kerguelen

18. Kurdistan

19. Northern Cyprus

20. Palestine

21. Peter I Island

22. Redonda

23. Stoltenhoff Island

24. Thurston Island

25. Wallis et Futuna

26. Western Sahara

27. Bonaire

28. Saba

29. Sint Eustatius

30. South Orkney Islands

31. Nightingale Island

32. Aland Islands

33. Baker Island

34. Wake Island

35. Midway Island

36. Enderby Land

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