The sailing vessel "Hobby Star" and her command

Odyssey of Peter Loboda

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Stamps of old colonies


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Antarctica & Southern Ocean


Image of Antarctica from space

South Pole

Amundsen-Scott Station

Antarctic Peninsula

Vernadsky Station (Ukraine)

Weddell Sea

Halley Station (United Kingdom)

Antarctica Argentina

Chapel in Esperanza Station

Tierra Del Fuego

Church in Ushuaya

Australian Antarctic

Mawson Station on Mac Robertson Land

Wilkes Land

Casey Station (Australia)

Heard and McDonald Islands

Old huts on Heard Island

Macquarie Island

Macquarie Research Station

British Antarctic Territory

Museum in Port Lockroy

Falkland Islands

Cathedral in Port Stanley

South Georgia

Whaler's Church in Grytviken

South Sandwich Islands

Old station on Southern Thule Island

South Orkney Islands

Signy Research Station

South Shetland Islands

Russian Church on King George Island

Antarctica Chilena

Military base Gonzales Videla

Cabo de Hornos

Cape Horn Monument


Church in capital Puerto Williams

Tierra del Fuego

Cathedral in Punta Arenas

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