The sailing vessel "Hobby Star" and her command

Odyssey of Peter Loboda

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Stamps of old colonies


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World in Postcards
Antarctica & Southern Ocean

New Zealand Antarctic

Scott Base on Ross Island

Antipodes Islands

Foreshore of Antipodes Islands

Auckland Islands

Carnley Harbor

Bounty Islands

Foreshore of Bounty Islands

Campbell Island

Perseverance Harbour

Chatham Island

St. Augustine's Church

Ross Island

Church of McMurdo Station (USA)

Snares Islands

Sea Caves

Norwegian Antarctica

SANAE Station on Queen Maud Land

Queen Maud Land

Kohnen Station (Germany)

Bouvet Island

Meteorological station

Peter I Island

Meteorological station

Prince Edward Islands (South Africa)

Sailor's grave on Marion Island

Prince Edward Islands (South Africa)

Research Station on Marion Island

French Antarctic - TAAF

Concordia Station

Amsterdam Ile

Base Martin de Vivies

Crozet Iles

Alfred-Faure Station

Kerguelen Iles

Chapel in Port aux Francais

Saint-Paul Ile

Crater Bay

Terre Adelie

Dumont d'Urville Research Station

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