The sailing vessel "Hobby Star" and her command

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The sailing vessel "Hobby Star" and her command

The captain of a sailing vessel Peter Loboda

"Club of Discoverers" operates at the Odessa Numismatics Museum since 2002. Its members are schoolboys at the age from 8 till 16 years old taking a great interest in collecting, geography and history. They study culture and traditions of various countries and peoples by means of fascinating artifacts: ancient and modern coins, stamps, banknotes, post cards. Members of the Club make up the command of sailing vessel " Hobby Star ". Under the command of skilled naval officer Peter Loboda this sailing vessel makes virtual round-the-world voyage across the World Ocean.

During this voyage young travellers have visited all continents of our planet, many exotic countries and islands. They have learnt a lot of interesting on history and culture of the various countries and peoples.

Odessa TV Studio "Lad" has recorded a film about this global sailing voyage and sessions of the Club of Discoverers . The fragments of this film are shown on Sundays and Mondays on 38-th channel in the program "Kaleidoscope". To order this film on DVD is possible by e-mail

Especially young discoverers and collectors like fragments which tell about the history of colonial mail and ancient colonial stamps, various monuments of architecture imaged on post cards.




The sailing vessel "Hobby Star"

Map of navigation on island Martinique

Map of navigation on island Mauritius




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