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Stamps of Italian possessions

Arba Rucum Mosque in Mogadishu
( now Somalia)

The area - 637 657 sq.. The population - 9 822 000. Capital - Mogadishu.
Colony of Italy from the end of 19 century.
Independence was proclaimed in 1960.
Own stamps since 1903.

Stamps of Benadir

Marcus Aurelius Arc in Tripoli
The area - 1 759 540 sq.. The population - 5 593 000. Capital - Tripoli.
Colony of Italy since 1911.
Independence was proclaimed in 1951.
Own stamps since 1912.

Stamps of Libya

Imperial Palace in Massawa

The area - 117 600 sq.. The population - 3 280 000. Capital - smera.
Colony of Italy since 1890.
Autonomy in structure of Ethiopia since 1952.
Independence was proclaimed in 1993.
Own stamps since 1893.

Stamps of Eritrea

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