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Konstantin VII Porphyrogenitus coin

Christening of Princess Olga

On boundary of VIII-IX centuries in the East Europe was formed the old Russian state - the Kievan Rus.

It was one of the largest states of Medieval Europe.

The Kievan Rus was a feudal monarchy at the head of Grand Duke from Rurik dynasty.

Princess Olga has govern individual in 945-964 after death her husband Igor . She has become history as one of foundres of ancient Rus State.

In 955 Princess Olga with the big embassy has gone in Constantinople. She was met by emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus.

The annals speak that Olga so has liked emperor that he began to solicit her love.

Then smart princess has demanded that Constantine all over again has Christened her.

When Olga became the emperor's God daughter Constantine couldn't demand her love any more.

For this act the legend has named Olga the Sly. But Russian church has named her Saint that she became the first Christians princess .


Konstantin VII Porphyrogenitus coin

Great princess Olga

Byzantian emperor

Constantinople - capital of Byzantium

Russian armies stormed onstantinople

Monument to princess Olga in Kiev

Map of Kievan Rus during Olga's governing

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