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Spiritual Heritage of Ukraine.

After Christening the Kievan Rus at the end of X century in various ancient Russian cities began impetuous construction of Christian temples : churches, cathedrals, chapels. In the beginning the temple's construction was conducted with the help and under the control of the Byzantian masters and experts. But soon Russian architects not only have mastered this art but in many respects began to surpass the teachers. Remarkable monuments of architecture were created in Kiev, Chernigov, Novgorod and hardly later in Lvov and other cities of Rus - Ukraine. Many of them today are brought in the List of Spiritual Heritage of the mankind made by the international organization UNESCO. Remarkable temples of cities Kiev and Lvov embodied on post cards invariable cause interest of visitors.

The author of exhibition - Odessa collector Grigory Makandarov.

Churches of Kiev

Church of the Conception of St.Anna. 17 c..

Church of All Saints. 17 c.

Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. 18 c.

St.Nicholas Church. 17 c.

Dormition Cathedral. 11 c.

Church of the Dormition of Our Lady. 12 c.

St.Andrew's Church. 18 c.

Vydubytsky Monastery. 11 c.

St.Michaels' Gold-Domed Cathedral. 12 c.

St.Sophia Cathedral. 11 c.

Lavra. 11 c.

St.Sophia Cathedral. 11 c.

St.Vladimir Cathedral. 19 c.

Golden Gate. 11 c.

Church of the Saviour at Berestove. 12 c.

Church-rotunda over
Askold's grave. 19 c.

Churches of Lvov

St.Yuriy Cathedral

Dominican Cathedral

Boims Chapel

Assumption Church

St.Olga Cathedral

Chapel of Three Prelates

St.Andrew's Church

Church of St.Andrew and Josephat

Church of Our Lady Intercession

St.Onufry's Church

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