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This TV project was created by Odessa Numismatics Museum and devoted to history of city's Orthodox churches and cathedrals. The history of the Odessa's churches is inextricably related with a history of our city.

Before revolution 1917 in Odessa there were about 70 churches and cathedrals. Unfortunately not all of them have escaped till present time. Recently city authorities and the public conduct the large work on a reconstruction of old churches and construction new ones.

1. Church of St. Dmitriy. XIX century

2. Archangel Michael's Monastery. XIX century

3. Church of Our Lady Icon. XIX century

4. Church of St. Grigory Bogoslov and St. Zoya. XIX century

5. Church of Our Lady of Kazan. XIX century

6. Church of the Virgin Birth. XIX century

7. Church of St. Nikolay. XIX century

8. Church of St. Mary Magdalina. XIX century

9. Church of St. Nikolay. XIX century

10. St. Assumption Cathedral. XIX century

11. Church of St. Adrian and St. Natalia. XIX century

12. Church of St. Iliya. XIX century

13. Church of St. Panteleymon. XIX century

14. Cathedral of St. Panteleymon. XIX century

15. Church of Our Lady Icon of Vladimir. XX century

16. Church of St. Trinity. XIX century

17. Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. XIX century

18. Armenian Church of St. Grigory. XX century

19. Catholic Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady.
XIX century

20. Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter. XIX century

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