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Family Loboda

Preparation the new article in "Bulletin"
The private collection of the renowned Odessa collector Peter Loboda created by him for about four decades which he donated to the Odessa Numismatics Museum has become the heart of the Museum's collection. This collection includes more than 4000 ancient and modern coins and also another artifacts belonging to the ancient history of Ukraine : antique ceramics and fine plastic arts of Kievan Rus, old banknotes and postcards. For special scientific interest of Ukrainian history there are many unpublished unique and rare coins in this collection.

Selection of exhibits for new exhibition

Parents of the father -
Loboda P. G and Loboda F.Y.

By the paternal line Peter Loboda is the descendant of ancient Ukrainian (Malorossian) noble family of Loboda. Its ancestors were settled in Odessa in the beginning of XX-th c.

By the maternal line Peter Loboda concerns to the old Russian families of Volkovy and ysiny. Both families in the beginning of XX-th c. lived in the Saratov Region at Volga area.

Parents of the mother -
Volkov F.T. and Volkova A.A.

Coat of arms of noble family Loboda

The coat of arms of Loboda family was brought in VII part of the "General Heraldic Code of Russian Empire". Peter Loboda is the full member of the Odessa City Noble Assembly.

Honourable Diploma of the Odessa City Noble Assembly

Loboda F.Y.

The grandfather by paternal line Loboda Peter Grigorevich (1890-1953). The participant of two wars - World War I and World War II (Great Patriotic War). Officer. Manager of several enterprises of Odessa. Collector. He collected coins, medals and banknotes of Russian Empire.

The grandmother by paternal line Loboda Feodosiya Yakovlevna (1892-1969) had two children and five grandsons. Many years worked as the nurse in medical institutions of Odessa.

Loboda P.G.

Volkova A.A.

The grandfather by maternal line Volkov Fedot imofeevich (1892-1975). The teacher and director of school. The Honoured Teacher of Russia. Participated in the First World War in a rank of the shtabs-captain. For feats of war he was awarded by a silver Georgievsky Cross - Russia's highest military decoration. The ount Morozov has devoted to F.Volkov his book “For Freedom, Native land and Independence”.

The grandmother by maternal line Volkova (ysina) Anna Alekseevna (1895-1968) had four daughters and the son, numerous grandsons. Was engaged in housekeeping and education of children.

Volkov F.T.

Loboda G.P.

Father Loboda Grigory Petrovich (1912-1989) in 1930s worked as stoker on sea-going ships of the Black Sea Shipping Company (in Russian - ). He participated in Winter (Soviet-Finland) war (1939-1940) and the Great Patriotic War. Officer. He had wounds and was in captivity. After war he worked as the driver in various organizations of Odessa. Collected coins and stamps of Russian Empire and also stamps of the Russian Society of Shipping and Trade (in Russian - ) - the predecessor of Black Sea Shipping Company.

Loboda E.F.

Loboda E.F.
Mother Loboda (Volkova) Evgeniya Fedotovna (1926). She has three children, and also four grandsons and two great-grandsons. Gave big consideration to education of her children and also housekeeping. During her working activity in various organizations of Odessa she was often elected as the Trade-union leader of labour collectives.

Loboda E.F.

Evgeniya Loboda has twice made pilgrimage to the Sacred Land. Impressions of visiting the scriptural places and personal religious ideas have laid down in her book "To Be the Truth On the Earth" and other publications devoted to the theme of Christian education of children and young people. The participant of several TV projects devoted to history of Christianity. Academician of literary of Fatjan Academy (Odessa).

Naval cadet Peter Loboda

Sons Loboda Peter Grigorevich (1949) and Loboda Simeon Grigorevich (1950) by the father's example became seamen. Qualified and skilled naval officers. They worked on the sea-going ships of the Black Sea Shipping Company - the largest navigable company in the World and had awards for participation in military operations in various parts of the World.

Naval cadet Simeon Loboda

Babina E.G.

Daughter Babina (Loboda) Elena Grigorevna (1952). Worked as economist of the Odessa' Main Post Office. Delegate of the II Congress of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Babina E.G.

Loboda P.G. 1969

Loboda P.G. 1976

Peter Loboda started to collect coins in school years. Except the coins he collected stamps and banknotes of the various countries and colonies and also antiquarian postcards. During his working on the sea-going ships and visiting various countries P. Loboda constantly enlarge his collections after each voyage.

In 1973-76 Peter Loboda worked in the Odessa Marine College as the Secretary of Komsomol Committee, then Deputy Chief of Sea Navigation Faculty and lecturer.

Loboda P.G. 1973

Loboda P.G. 1987

Loboda P.G. 1999.

Odessa Numismatics Museum

In 1991 Peter Loboda finished his marine work and was elected the President of the Odessa City Collectors' Society - the oldest public organization in city.

In 1994-2002 he was the Deputy of Odessa City Council and since 2002 the Adviser of City Council on cultural relations.

In 1999 Loboda founded the Odessa Numismatics Museum and donated it his collections. He is constant author of museum's periodical "Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum"

Loboda P.G. 2008.

Gallery "Monetary Court"

Loboda P.G. 2000.

On October, 2000 during the conference in Verona (Italy) organized by the International Academy of Heraldry of Princely House Svevia Peter Loboda has been confer to knights of Saint Gereon's Order.

Loboda P.G. 2000.

Honourable Diploma of Ukrainian Parliament

Over the last 10 years Peter Loboda has concentrated on the augmentation, preservation and study of historical relics and the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. This in turn has brought him numerous awards from the Ukrainian Parliament, Government, National bank of Ukraine and from the authorities of the Odessa region and Odessa city.

Honorary Title "Deserved Culture Worker of Ukraine"

Loboda I.P.

Son Loboda Igor Petrovich (1978). He lives with his family in Brest (Belarus). Chief of Economical Department of the Bus fleet of the city of Brest.

Son Loboda Peter Petrovich (1986). He graduated from the Odessa National University. The lawyer.

Loboda P.P.

Glazova N.P.

Daughter Glazova Natalia Petrovna (1981). Lives with her family in Odessa.

Deputy director of the Pravex-Bank, Odessa Branch.

Glazova N.P.

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