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Dear fans of ancient Ukrainian history

Recently Odessa Numismatics Museum receives many requests for liquidation of the Museum's branch Gallery "Monetary Yard" and cancellation of many its projects.

This is due to very serious problem - the lack of finance. At the end of February 2014 as a result of artificial bankruptcy of "Brokbusinessbank" from our deposit account were stolen all money.

Our numerous complaints to various Ukrainian Authorities including the President and the Prime Minister with a request for assistance to return Museum's money on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine, unfortunately, did not bring results.

Having lost its money Museum was forced to close many programs: was liquidated Gallery "Monetary Yard", were abolished new exhibitions and Museum's issues of "Almanac" and "Bulletin", were terminated excursions for tourists and students of Ukrainian schools and institutes, was canceled Museum's participation in various scientific conferences and contemporary innovative project of the European Union, was shortened program of the TV series "About what the coin has told" dedicated to the ancient Ukrainian history and many other projects.

Throughout 16 years of its existence our Museum remained as public museum, it does not get help from Authorities and budget, not engaged in any commercial activity. It selflessly serves for Ukrainian People and national historical science. Our Museum is included in the Golden Fund of the Ukrainian Nation and rewarded with Honourable Diploma of the Ukrainian Parliament "For Special Services For Ukrainian People".

Today due to indifference of Authorities Ukraine runs the risk to completely lose the first specialized Numismatics Museum and Ukrainian People lose a substantial part of its history. Today to see once again Gallery "Monetary Yard" and remember many Museum's projects is possible only due to archival videos that are posted on our channel on .

According to the above reason we apologize to the numerous fans of ancient Ukrainian history in our country and abroad for inability to continue complete activity and provide them with new scientific information. We hope for understanding of our difficult situation.

Yours faithfully

"02" September 2014

Peter Loboda
Director of the Odessa Numismatics Museum
Deserved Culture Worker of Ukraine

© The Odessa Museum of Numismatic 2015.