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Family Photo Album

Young teacher Fedot Volkov

Shtabs-captain Fedot Volkov . World War I.

Grandmother Anna Alekseevna

Grandfather Fedot and grandmother Anna with grandsons

Grandfather Peter Grigorevich

Grandmother Feodosiya Yakovlevna

Grandmother Feodosiya Yakovlevna

Grandfather Peter Grigorevich

Father in hospital

Seaman Grigory Loboda

Father at the war

Father at the war

Mother. 1953

Mother with son Peter. 1949

Mother with sons Peter and Simeon. 1950

Mother with sons and daughter Lena. 1952

Peter Loboda with aunt Nina and uncle Nikolay. 1950

Mother with children. 1953

Mother with children. 1953

Mother with children. 1953

Brothers Peter and Simeon. 1951

Brothers Peter and Simeon. 1954

Brothers Peter and Simeon. 1957

Father and mum. 1972

Family. 1955

Family. May, 1960

Family. November, 1960

Mother. 1966

Mother. 1966

Cadet Peter Loboda. 1966

Peter Loboda and aunt Maria. 1966

Grandsons and grandfather Fedot. 1972

Naval training in Sevastopol. 1969

Cadets Peter Loboda and Victor Zolotuhin

Peter Loboda with friends after voyage. 1973

Peter Loboda in Marine College. 1974

Secretary of Komsomol Committee. 1973

Secretary of Komsomol Committee. 1974

Secretary of Komsomol Committee. 1974

Secretary of Komsomol Committee. 1974

Komsomol party. 1975

Peter Loboda and wife Irina. 1976

Courses of the First mates. 1977

Meeting with Indian seamen. 1983

Captain of m/v "Bolshevik Sukhanov" Prodan T.I. 1983

Captain of m/v "Kremenchug" Lomakin I.P. 1985

Delegation of Kremenchug city on the vessel. 1986

Trade-union meeting of m/v "Kremenchug". 1987

Family. 1981

Family. 1991

Team of the Odessa Numismatics Museum. 1999

Family. 2006

Son Igor. 1978

Son Igor. 1978

Son Igor. 1981

Son Igor. 1982

Daughter Natasha. 1983

Daughter Natasha. 1984

Daughter Natasha. 1987

Daughter Natasha. 1997

Wife Nina and son Peter. 1986

Son Peter. 1988

Son Peter. 1990

Son Peter. 1996

Odessa Numismatics Museum - 10-years Jubilee. 2009.

6th company of Odessa Marine College - 40-years Jubilee. 2009.

General Consul of Greece Y.Davaris in Odessa Numismatics Museum. 2009.

Peter Loboda and collectors Herbert Marin (Spain) and Nikolay Larkin (Ukraine) in Odessa Numismatics Museum. 2009.

Meritime Encyclopedia of Odessa. p. 418. 2012.

Winner of Gallery "People of Odessa Region". 2012.

Congratulations of the General Consul of Greece Antonios Haziroglou. 2013.

With grand daughter Olya. 2013.

Report at the International
Scientific Conference. 2013.

Congratulations with anniversary
from friends. 2014.

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