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Alongside with the expositional activity Museum carries out considerable research work on the basis of coins from its collection and regular publishes its results . The private collection of renowned Odessa collector Pyotr G. Loboda which he handed to the Odessa Museum of Numismatic has become the basis of the Museum's collection. In this collection there is considerable number of unpublished unique and rare coins making special interest for numismatic science.

The aim of research work is to discover and to state the most interesting and important numismatic relics, first of all unusual and unique coins by means of research and analysis of certain monetary groups. Results of this work are published in Museum's scientific periodical "Bulletin of the Odessa Museum of Numismatics ".

The purpose of "Bulletin" articles is acquaintance scientific circles, numismatists, amateurs of ancient history and the wide public with results of scientific researches, inclusion the earlier unknown types of coins in the scientific turnover and thus to enrich the Corpus of antique coins of the Northern Black Sea Region.

Constantly operating Editorial Board of ”Bulletin” is headed by the known scientist, candidate of historical sciences, the deputy director of the Odessa Archeological Museum and the chairman of the Odessa Archeological Society Sergey B.Ohotnikov. Known experts in the problems of antique numismatics of the Northern Black Sea Region the candidate of historical sciences Svetlana A. Bulatovich and the candidate of historical sciences Tatyana A. Izbash are reviewers of "Bulletin.

Museum collection is completely published in the "Catalogue of collection of the Odessa Museum of Numismatics". There were issued four volumes of "Catalogue". All books are released in two language versions - Russian and English.

On the basis of Museum collection there're prepared monographies, essays and reviews for various scientific conferences, lectures and speeches address to students and also other publications. In particular many articles for Museum's Almanac "About what the coin has told" also were prepared with use of this collection.

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