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Researches on Antique Archeology of the Northern Black Sea Area.

Researches on Antique Numismatics.

Materials on Numismatics and Archeology of the Ancient Northern Black Sea Area

Collection of Ancient Coins and Archaeological Artifacts of the Odessa Numismatics Museum. 2011.

Researches on Archeology of the Northern Black Sea Area: Bronze age, Antique epoch and the early Middle Ages. 2011.

About What the Coin Has Told. 2012.

Researches on Coins of Antique Cities of the Northern Black Sea Area. 2013.

History of Public Museum. 2014.

New Finds of Antique Coins and Archeological Artifacts in the Northern Black Sea Area. 2017.

Volume # 2. January 2003. "Antique and Medieval Coins of Crimea, the Northern East and East Black Sea Region".
The authors: Alekseev V.P., Loboda P.G.

The Volume II is dedicated to antique coins of Crimea Peninsula (Pantikapaion, Nymphaeum, Theodosia, Chersonessos, Cercinitis), North-East and East Black Sea Region (Phanagoreia, Gorgippia, Dioscurias), Sindi's coins and also antique barbarous imitations (Scythian-Sarmatians, Goths of Taman) and Medieval coins of Byzantian Cherson, Genoese-Tatar's Kaffa and Russian Tmutarakan Princedom. Among them there are about 90 rare and unique speciments.

Pantikapaion. 393 - 389 B.C.
Diobol. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 359 - 349 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 349 - 344 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 344 - 334 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 334 - 324 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 294 - 284 B.C.
Drachm. Rare coin.
Pantikapaion. 90 - 80 B.C.
Drachm. Unique variant.
Theodosia. 403 - 393 B.C.
Lepton. Rare coin.
Nymphaeum. 413 - 403 B.C.
Diobol. Rare coin.
Phanagoreia. 403 - 393 B.C.
Hemiobol. Rare coin.
Phanagoreia. 90 - 80 B.C.
Drachm. Rare coin.
Sindi. 413 - 403 B.C.
Obol. Rare variant.
Gorgippia. 90 - 80 B.C.
Obol. Rare coin.
Dioscurias. Time of Mithradates VI of Pontos.
Copper. Unique coin.
Chersonessos. 210 - 200 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Unique variant.
Chersonessos. 120 - 110 B.C.
Hemidrachm. Rare coin.
Cercinitis. 300 - 290 B.C.
Chalk. Rare coin.
Bosporus. 9 B.C.
Assarion. Rare coin.
Scythian - Sarmatians. II - III A.D.
Imitation of Roman denarius. Rare coin.
Tmutarakan Princedom. X - XI A.D.
Imitation of Byzantine miliaresion. Rare coin.

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