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Catalogue of Tyra's coins

Researches on Antique Archeology of the Northern Black Sea Area.

Researches on Antique Numismatics.

Materials on Numismatics and Archeology of the Ancient Northern Black Sea Area

Collection of Ancient Coins and Archaeological Artifacts of the Odessa Numismatics Museum. 2011.

Researches on Archeology of the Northern Black Sea Area: Bronze age, Antique epoch and the early Middle Ages. 2011.

About What the Coin Has Told. 2012.

Researches on Coins of Antique Cities of the Northern Black Sea Area. 2013.

History of Public Museum. 2014.

New Finds of Antique Coins and Archeological Artifacts in the Northern Black Sea Area. 2017.

The Collected Articles of Numismatics of the Northern Black Sea Region.
May, 2004.
Authors: V.P.Alekseev, P.G.Loboda, V.P.Lebedev.
Scientific editor: S.B.Ohotnikov.

There're included all 19 ussues of "The Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum" as result of Museum's scientific-research activity for five years. Necessity of this edition has been caused by two reasons: constantly growing interest to ancient numismatics of Northern Black Sea Region both in Ukraine and abroad and also that's why all issues of "Bulletin" were carried out as not commercial issues in small circulations and today became rare books. In tables there're resulted images of 363 coins, among them there're many rare and unique specimens.

Sauromates I.
93 - 124 AD. Sestertius. Rare variant.
Sauromates II.
174 - 211 AD. Sestertius. Unique specimen.
10 - 37 AD. Assarion. Rare variant.
Sauromates II.
174 - 211 AD. Sestertius. Unique variant.
234 - 238 AD. Stater. Very rare coin.
Governor /\.
8 - 10 AD. Sextans. Very rare coin.
438 - 433 BC. Tetartemorion. Unique variant.
403 - 393 BC. Tetartemorion. Rare coin.
423 - 413 BC. Diobol. Rare coin.
425 - 400 BC. Copper. Rare coin.
IV BC. Copper. Rare coin.
IV BC. Copper. Unique variant.
Sauromates II.
174 - 211 AD. Double denarius. Rare coin.
Tyra. Geta.
202-205 AD. Rare variant.
131 - 154 AD. Sestertius. Unique variant.

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